The Highest Compliment

The Highest Compliment

Flattery! Oh, how it makes the heart swell and the slightest bit of imposter syndrome fade away for a while! You know what I’m talking about right? Someone compliments your outfit, your smile, or your kids… it just feels so lovely. It allows you to internally think… “Ya, maybe I do have my shit together! They notice my hard work. Heck-to-the-ya!”

In all honesty, I get that same feeling when I learn something new. Nail a presentation. Stick a landing when I’m trying to show my kids how to do a perfect cartwheel. OR simply walk past a mirror and think..oooh lady, looking good today!

And while compliments and flattery are super nice, there is a whole other level that comes when you are hired by someone in your own line of work. What is that next level? Well if I were Mario it would feel like finding the warp tubes. The ones that take you to three worlds higher.  As of late, some pretty sweet artists have approached 5Pine Design and Blue Ox Creative (my favorite design homie to collaborate with) to build their sites. They trusted my/our art to showcase theirs and I am so beyond flattered. I’ve just warped my way into legit designer status and…


It is not at all that pep in my step, boy-howdy I’ve got this shit down feeling I expected. Nope, it is a gulp – WOAH, I’d better pull up those big-girl-panties kinda feeling. It feels great, but in a whole new way, with greater responsibility.

Mary Rolland, local Sun Valley artist, Blue and Pine Creative, Inc.

As I sit here at my desk with my TO DO list pinned right in front of me I am excited about what is to come. Looking ahead, literally and figuratively, I will be launching Lisa Holley’s newly redesigned website. I will also be starting work on the Invitational Art Show site, which will showcase and gather artists from all over the local area. Next, I’ll be creating an amazing gem of a site for watercolor/print artist and illustrator, Sarah Tannebring from Boston! While all that is happening, I’m also putting the finishing touches on a local musician’s website. And have put together a bid for a local community choir’s site and rebranding. BUT THAT’s NOT ALL – Bree and I are also starting work on a local interior designer’s site and branding redesign.

The artist to-do list is full for now. My big girl panties are firmly pulled up and I have my work cut out for me. I look forward to sharing the posting of sites as they launch. And, if you are an artist considering Blue + Pine Creative, Inc. for your new site project… we welcome you with open, humble, and grateful hearts!