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Site Maintenance Terms + Conditions

This agreement is between“The Client” and Blue +Pine Creative, LLC.

“The Client” is contracting Blue + Pine Creative, LLC as a provider of web site maintenance services. Services not considered ‘standard website maintenance’ are subject to be charged at the current hourly rate and will not be considered part of this contract.


What IS included in All Maintenance Plan agreements:

1. Make daily full back up of databases and theme design files.

2. Complete any updates for plugins.

3. Updating WordPress core software to the most stable current update.

4. Check functionality of all plug-ins and recommend new ones if support/upgrades

are no longer available.

What is NOT included in this agreement:

1. Search engine optimization services.

2. Additional design services beyond the contracted amount. Please see individual contracts/invoices.


“The Client” agrees to a monthly fee for the total time of  12 calendar months.  The maintenance fee will be automatically charged on a recurring cycle until this contract is terminated. The contract will automatically renew every year for an additional year until this contract is terminated.

During the duration of this contract, if another party other than the Blue+Pine Creative, LLC makes changes to the web site, any functional errors that are created and must be repaired, will be charged a repair fee of $300 + the current hourly rate.

In the event “The Client” fails to adhere to the schedule of payment referenced by the deadline set forth, Blue+Pine Creative, LLC retains the rights, but are not obligated, to pursue any or all of the following remedies:

1. Charge a Late Fee of %5 of the total overdue balance/month.

2. Remove visibility of the website from the internet.

3. Immediately stop all works-in-progress and/or remove unpaid for material.

4. Terminate this agreement.


Term and Termination:

This agreement shall begin when both parties agree to the maintenance plan of choice by accepting the invoice sent through Quick Books, via email, and shall continue for one calendar year, or until the Agreement is Terminated.

Either party may terminate this agreement at any time, on 30 days prior written notice if the other party breaches any of its material responsibilities or obligations under this Agreement and fails to cure that breach during that  30 day period.

Either party may terminate this agreement at any time, on written notice to the other party, if the other party ceases to conduct business in its normal course; makes an assignment for the benefit of creditors; is liquidated or otherwise dissolved; becomes insolvent; files a petition in bankruptcy; or a receiver, trustee, or custodian is appointed for it.

Blue+Pine Creative, LLC reserves the right cancel this website maintenance agreement at any time, and will provide a cancellation notice either electronically or in writing sent to the address of record.

If “The Client” terminates the Agreement prior to its expiration, Blue + Pine Creative, LLC  reserves the right to assess an Early Termination Fee in the amount due for the remaining contract agreement. In addition, “The Client” shall pay all Expenses, Fees, and Additional Costs incurred as a result and through the date of termination.

Additional Services:

Any revisions, additions or redesign “The Client” requests Blue+Pine Creative, LLC  to perform that is not specified in this document shall be considered “additional” and will require separate agreement and payment.  Blue+Pine Creative, LLC shall advise “The Client” on any requested work that falls within these bounds.




“The Client” hereby authorizes  Blue+Pine Creative, LLC to access their web hosting account, domain hosting account, and WordPress admin at the administrator level.  “The Client” will provide, if necessary,  active user name / password combinations for access to applicable accounts, assuring that ‘write permissions’ are in place on said hosting provider.