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Equity in Education: Revitalizing The Space’s Narrative for Student Empowerment

The Challenge

The challenge lay in aligning The Space’s messaging and collateral with their impactful vision of ending education inequity. Despite their noble efforts, their communication lacked clarity on their mission’s impact and struggled with donor organization and calls to action. With a new executive director on board, the need arose to redefine their messaging and create a compelling visual identity that reflected their commitment to student success.

The Outcome

The outcome was a transformative journey as Blue and Pine collaborated with The Space to articulate their “why” and refine their messaging. The redefined visual identity and website now effectively conveyed their mission’s impact on students’ lives. Clear calls to action and organized donor pathways were integrated, fostering greater engagement and support from the community.


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The Concept

The concept centered on amplifying The Space’s vision of ending educational inequity. It involved weaving a narrative that highlighted the tangible ways in which their programs—sliding scale tutoring, college prep, and Forward Learning Scholars—empower students and bridge educational gaps. Emphasizing a student-centric approach, the concept aimed to communicate their commitment to providing educational support tailored to individual needs.

Their original logo featured a book icon, an early emblem linked to one of the founders in the nonprofit’s inception. Given their unwavering focus on education, our redesign honed in on traditional, education colors. We crafted a vibrant, playful primary logo using approachable typography, reminiscent of building blocks. These bright hues not only evoke memorability but also deeply resonate with their educational essence. Additionally, we developed a sister logo tailored for formal applications like donor correspondence and grant requests. Leveraging the association of serif fonts with larger giving amounts, we opted for an easily readable, friendly font for body copy. Infusing a touch of whimsy, we incorporated a script font for accents, adding an element of charm and playfulness where suitable.

A Brand Guide

In a multifaceted nonprofit like theirs, where multiple voices collaborate towards a singular vision, a brand guide acts as a unifying force, offering a reference point for all stakeholders. It not only articulates the essence of their brand but also streamlines decision-making processes, fostering a unified and impactful presence in their endeavors, from fundraising initiatives to educational programs and community engagement.

Clarified Brand Messaging

The messaging revolved around the transformative power of education in leveling the playing field for students. It emphasized The Space’s role in offering vital educational resources and support that significantly improved students’ academic journeys, providing them with opportunities and pathways to success.

Print Design

The print collateral pieces, crafted for fundraisers and general marketing, echoed the organization’s vision and impact. Brochures, posters, and fundraising materials were designed to capture attention and drive engagement, effectively communicating The Space’s mission and inspiring support from donors and the community.

Web Design

The redesigned website offers an immersive experience, featuring compelling storytelling and clear navigation to showcase The Space’s programs, impact stories, and donor pathways. It continues to serve as an engaging platform to highlight success stories and encourage community involvement.

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