The Sage School

Navigating Identity: Evolving a Private School’s Brand to Embrace Its Journey Forward

The Challenge

The Sage School, a pioneering institution for grades 6-12, embarked on a journey to redefine the educational landscape. Founders Harry Weeks and Chris McAvoy were driven by a vision that sought to revolutionize schooling, shaping a space that uniquely cherishes and empowers adolescents. However, amidst their groundbreaking approach, the school found itself mired in educational jargon, hindering the clear communication of their innovative ideals. As The Sage School evolved and prepared to transition to a new campus, they recognized the need for a robust brand strategy to set them apart from conventional educational norms. This led them to engage Blue and Pine, seeking a comprehensive solution to articulate their distinct identity and educational philosophy.

The Outcome

Their new campus is a stunning, contemporary complex comprised of sleek, unassuming structures, all centered around a striking large red barn serving as its focal point. Nestled in the idyllic Quigley Canyon, the campus seamlessly integrates into its surroundings, exuding an innate sense of belonging as though it’s existed there for generations. Sagebrush flourishes wildly, enveloping the nearby hills in a natural embrace. Central to their educational philosophy is fostering a deep connection between students and the natural world. The serene beauty that envelops their learning environment not only shapes their experiences but also serves as the inspiration behind our revitalized brand identity.


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The Concept

Their school had grown up from their simple beginnings of dreaming about education that truly honored the teen years, into a fully-realized private school serving the valley’s exceptional families that believe in the same values they hold dear. The physical manifestation of their dreams at the new campus, spurred a desire to take a fresh look at their brand messaging. After leading them through several brand strategy sessions it became apparent that their visual identity, website, and collateral could use an established presence to honor their own development and success.

Their original logo mark, a hand-drawn creation by Harry’s family member, showcased a simplistic silhouette of a sagebrush in a light, soothing sage green hue. The term ‘sage’ embodies wisdom, a quality integral to the school’s ethos. The use of the native plant, sagebrush, roots the institution in its local landscape, signifying a strong sense of belonging. With its resilience and deep-rooted nature mirroring the school’s values, it became an emblematic choice. Remaining loyal to the symbolism of the sagebrush, our approach involved zooming in on a single blossoming branch. This not only allowed for intricate details highlighting the essence of sage but also introduced a richer color palette, infusing the brand with depth and vibrant variations.

Blue and Pine exceeded our expectations with their consistent and simple, adherence to a storytelling narrative. As such we have been able to encapsulate the school clearly to a novice audience. It feels as though a marketing threshold has been crossed and we are now able to direct our marketing efforts more appropriately. Overall it was a direct, honest, open process, that felt really good.

– Harry Weeks

A Brand Guide

The school boasts a diverse array of stakeholders who take immense pride and ownership in its vision. To equip them with the essential tools necessary for effectively promoting The Sage School, we meticulously developed a comprehensive brand guide. This guide serves as a roadmap, meticulously detailing the school’s brand essence and its versatile applications. Its purpose is to empower stakeholders, ensuring they maintain unwavering brand consistency and exude confidence across all communication channels and media platforms.

Clarified Brand Messaging

Founders Harry Weeks and Chris McAvoy embarked on a visionary quest to revolutionize the educational landscape, carving out a sanctuary that uniquely celebrates and empowers adolescents. Yet, despite their groundbreaking ethos, the school became entangled in the commonplace educational jargon prevalent across the market, obscuring the clear articulation of their innovative ideals. Unlike other schools that merely dabbled in buzzwords and showcased surface-level commitments, The Sage School wholeheartedly embraced and embodied the core principles typically found in traditional school marketing.

Utilizing the StoryBrand methodology for crafting a Brand Narrative, our focus honed in on explaining the fundamental issue The Sage School resolves for its students. We placed significant emphasis on showcasing how their pioneering approach equips adolescents to confidently confront the challenges of adulthood—mentally, physically, and within their communities. Our strategy further drove home how they revolutionize education, diverging from the norm, and substantiated these claims through compelling imagery and clear copywriting that authentically depicted their unwavering commitment to living out the very ideals that most schools merely espouse.

Print Design

In tandem with reshaping the brand identity for the private school, our creative journey extended beyond visual elements. We crafted a suite of revamped school forms, an extensive 38-page Admissions Packet, and a comprehensive school handbook.

This overhaul wasn’t just about aesthetics; it was about streamlining communication and enhancing user experience. Additionally, we introduced a fresh letterhead design that encapsulated the school’s renewed essence, ensuring every correspondence echoed their new identity. Furthermore, we restructured the application process, infusing it with a contemporary format that mirrored the school’s progressive outlook. These collateral materials serve as a cohesive extension of the school’s redefined brand, fostering a seamless and impactful connection with their audience at every touchpoint.

Web Design

The pivotal transformation for The Sage School extended to recognizing the intrinsic value of their website as a pivotal asset. We redefined the website’s role, shifting its focus from merely serving as a resource for parents to becoming an inviting gateway for prospective students and their families to explore whether The Sage School aligned with their aspirations. Seamlessly integrating their rebranded identity across various touchpoints such as handbooks, forms, applications, and the newly introduced Welcome Booklet, we also aligned the website’s content hierarchy. By strategically repositioning resource elements within the site’s architecture, we elevated the emphasis on attracting and engaging new families.

Central to this strategic pivot was the implementation of a lead generation quiz, now one of the most actively used features on the revitalized site. This quiz serves as a powerful tool for audience engagement, laying a solid foundation for their future email marketing endeavors. As a result, when the time comes to initiate email campaigns, The Sage School will possess a well-established and engaged audience primed for meaningful connections and communication.

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