McMinn Orthodontics

Transforming Smiles, Transforming Their Brand: McMinn Orthodontics Gets An Updated Look

The Challenge

As soon as they finished the build on their new office space they wanted their website to reflect their updated space. Embarking on the McMinn Orthodontics project posed a multifaceted challenge: to align their burgeoning business, freshly housed in a new building, with a dynamic online presence and expanded print collateral. In 2018, we kickstarted their brand evolution with a new logo that encapsulated their commitment to transformative orthodontic care and in 2022 we got to work on their new website.

The Outcome

Our collaboration extended to a comprehensive overhaul—a brand-new website that not only mirrored McMinn Orthodontics’ ethos but also resonated with their audience. Beyond the digital realm, we delved into crafting tangible brand elements, including notepads, business cards, and stickers adorning their client retainer cases, all harmonizing seamlessly with their brand identity. The heart of our collective effort was anchored in echoing their genuine commitment, a sentiment echoed in their words: “Our greatest goal is to give you the healthy, straight, and beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.” We embraced this ethos, recognizing the significance of their patients’ decision to seek orthodontic care, and strived to elevate their experience through every facet of our creative endeavors.


Visual Identity
Print / Digital Design
Web Design & Dev.

Focus Area

Service-Based Business
Local Client

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The Concept

Their business extends its reach across the Wood River Valley, boasting offices in both Ketchum and Hailey. A milestone arrived in 2022 with the grand opening of their newly constructed office in North Hailey. The office space epitomizes modernity, exuding a pristine allure complemented by striking nature imagery, intricate handmade tiles, and state-of-the-art sinks for client convenience before appointments. Embracing an open concept layout, dental chairs align neatly facing a panoramic wall of windows. The waiting area exudes comfort, adorned with plush leather chairs beneath vaulted ceilings accented by natural wood elements. A thoughtful touch—a miniature drink fridge—adds a personalized touch for clients during their wait.

In 2018, Blue+Pine revamped their logo and spearheaded their initial website—a functional platform that served them admirably for years. However, the inauguration of their new office signaled the need for a website overhaul to resonate with the evolving times. Drawing inspiration from the office’s aesthetic, we infused the website with ample white space, mirroring its clean and inviting atmosphere, harmonizing it with their signature warm blue brand hue. Employing the StoryBrand Method, we revamped the copy, centering it on the needs of prospective clients, offering clear directives for appointment bookings. Each page flaunts a robust typographic hierarchy, facilitating effortless information retrieval for users. Navigation was streamlined for simplicity. Enriching each page with breathtaking mountain imagery, we rooted the website in its local essence.

A Simple Style Guide

With a dedicated team that frequently collaborates with us at Blue+Pine for their design requirements, McMinn Orthodontics sought a streamlined solution to meet their branding needs. Recognizing their preference for efficiency and clarity, they approached us for a concise and accessible brand reference guide. This guide serves as a go-to resource, offering a comprehensive yet compact repository of their brand elements. Tailored to align with their penchant for simplicity, this quick reference guide ensures that their team, despite its size, maintains consistency and cohesiveness across all design endeavors, effortlessly reflecting McMinn Orthodontics’ brand essence in every visual communication piece.

Print Design

In tandem with the website revamp, our creative journey extended to crafting diverse print collateral concepts. Presently, the office proudly employs our envelope, business card, and sticker designs. Leveraging their logo files, they have been empowered to incorporate a comprehensive suite of branded swag across various business levels, enhancing their cohesive brand presence.

Scope of Work


Visual Identity
Brand Style Guide


Web Design
Web Development
Monthly Web Care


– Envelopes
– Business Cards
– Case Stickers
Vector Logo Files