Integrate Internal Medicine

Rooted Care: Reinventing Medical Practice Branding for Local Doctor

The Challenge

The challenge was to transition Dr. Cathyrn Erickson’s practice from the conventional insurance-based model to a personalized, membership-focused approach centered on addressing root causes rather than symptoms. The task involved redefining the entire brand strategy and visual identity to reflect this shift towards private patient-centric care.

The Outcome

The outcome was a transformative rebranding that epitomized the doctor’s commitment to comprehensive wellness. This encompassed a distinct brand concept, messaging, and a cohesive visual identity. The website design and brand collateral were crafted to resonate with the essence of personalized care and accessibility, showcasing the doctor’s unique approach.


Visual Identity
Print / Digital Design
Web Design & Dev.

Focus Area

Service-Based Business
Local Client

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The Concept

The core concept was centered on holistic healing and a patient-first approach, prioritizing the root cause of symptoms rather than mere surface-level treatments. This concept guided every aspect of the brand strategy, emphasizing the doctor’s dedication to spending ample time with patients, offering convenient communication channels like text availability and home visits, and presenting a membership-based care model.

A Brand Guide

The brand guide crafted for Dr. Kate serves as an indispensable compass, encapsulating the essence of her practice and guiding the creation of brand collateral. Tailored exclusively for her use and future design endeavors, this comprehensive guide is a repository of her practice’s identity—detailing key brand elements, messaging, and visual identity guidelines. It lays the foundation for consistent and cohesive communication, ensuring that every piece of collateral resonates with the ethos of personalized care, root cause analysis, and holistic wellness that defines her practice. Dr. Kate can rely on this guide as a reference, empowering her to maintain brand integrity and coherence across various touchpoints, whether she’s creating materials independently or collaborating with design professionals in the future.

Print Design

The print collateral complemented the overall brand strategy, conveying the same warmth and professionalism across business cards, notepads, and other materials. Each piece was carefully designed to resonate with the practice’s values, ensuring consistency and coherence across all touchpoints.


The messaging pivots around empowering patients through personalized care that delves into the root causes of their health issues. It highlights Dr. Kate’s unwavering dedication to investing ample time in understanding each patient’s unique needs and crafting comprehensive wellness solutions tailored to their individual requirements. Following our intensive brand strategy sessions, we sculpted an overarching brand narrative, a succinct one-liner, and a resonant tagline. These serve as foundational marketing pillars for Dr. Kate, offering versatile tools she can seamlessly integrate into various communication channels, from social media and newsletters to patient interactions and website copywriting. They encapsulate the essence of her practice, ensuring consistent and impactful messaging across all touchpoints.

Web Design

The website design embodied the essence of the doctor’s practice, offering a user-friendly interface that mirrored the personalized care experience. It seamlessly integrates membership details, appointment booking, and informative content to educates visitors about the practice’s patient-centric approach to wellness.

Scope of Work


Brand Voice
Ideal Audience
Market Research


Visual Identity
Logo Development
Brand Photography Direction


– Business Cards
– Letterhead
– Notepads
– Office Signage
Vector Logo Files


Website Development
Digital Asset Files


Web Design
Web Development
Web Updates


Brand Narrative
One Liner
Tag Line
Website Copy