Eight Hands Postpartum Doula

Standing Out in a Crowded Market with Clarity

A concept layout of 8 Hands Postpartum business card layout.

The Challenge

Robin became a postpartum doula after the birth of her two children. When we started working together while she was still working toward her certification and building her business. Her brand was still in its infancy, lacking direction, clarity and cohesion. She needed B+P to help her find her brand voice, identify and market directly to her ideal clients, and be there as a support as she moved through the early phases of

The Outcome

The resulting visual brand identity, clarified messaging, and branded assets have helped her stand out in a crowded marketplace. With hundreds of birth workers present in Denver it was important that Robin’s business was easily memorable while being warm and welcoming to the types of clients she was looking to attract.


Clarified Message
Visual Identity

Focus Area

Service-Based Business
Birth / Postpartum

8 Hands Postpartum Logo options.

The Concept

The role of a doula is to add extra hands—and for Robin Andersen, she’s adding eight to be exact, and in the shape of an octopus—because what better messaging is there than a species that can multitask, change color, survive a millennium, and sport more than one brain when a mom just needs an extra set of hands?

“Hands come from the idea of once you have a new baby, you feel like you need to grow more hands to be able to accomplish everything,” said Andersen.

The idiom—and very real struggle to do more than what is humanly possible—became a launching point for Andersen’s branding—and the marriage of Jess Bejot’s, Principal at Blue + Pine, playful approach to branding.

“An octopus is a very smart creature, and they can adapt to change, and blend in with their environment. Their arms work as a team––they really are these amazing animals that have so much imagery,” she said.

As a doula, integrating that fluidity into strategic business marketing represented exactly what Andersen wanted her potential clients to know about her services.

Layout examples of 8 Hands Postpartum's brand/style guide. Includes the cover and the inner pages.

A Brand Guide

As a solopreneur, Robin is in charge of executing brand consistency across all media. The brand guide we provided gives her clear direction for correctly using her logos, colors, typography, and messaging. The guide is completed with a clear marketing roadmap designed to point her toward long-term success.

Clarified Brand Messaging

In developing the brand voice for Robin, our focus centers on the families she serves. We’ve carefully woven a narrative that highlights how her services address critical needs during vulnerable times. By doing so, Robin creates a calm and supportive environment for new parents, allowing them to find their bearings and grow in their confidence as parents. This unique approach not only emphasizes her dedication to assisting families but also showcases the impactful role she plays during this special phase of life.

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