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How to Log In

How to Log In

First things first!

Type your website address into the URL address bar. You can see we’ve typed our address in for example.

This will get you to the front end of the site. In other words, the part of your site that is presented to the world.

Owner Dashboard

Next, you’ll need to log into your site administrator dashboard in order to edit your content.

The log in is hidden from public view. To access the log-in page you’ll simply add /wp-admin to the end of your website address and press enter.

It will look like this:

See our example below.


You should be directed to the log-in page that will similar to this:

Next you’ll want to type in your username in the Username or Email Address box and Password into the Password box. You can decide if you want your personal computer to “Remember me” but please don’t click that box if you are using a borrowed computer.

Click LOG IN


If you see something similar to this

CONGRATS!  You’ve successfully logged in.

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