Simple Design

Is it good enough?

Today was the launch day for my most recent clients,  the Colorado Caring Doulas team of Terri and Tammy. These ladies have been friends for more than thirty years and have doula’d together for at least ten. Their original website was made when they first started out and over the years became less and less effective, though their doula skills grew and so did their word of mouth marketing. The intention was to update their site but to their alarm, the site was no longer editable. The software was being phased out! Then…

They saw Amanda’s site

Birth Blessing Doula is a site I did recently for another seasoned doula from Denver, Amanda Marshall. She had, up until recently, had the same situation, an old tired website in need of some new life. When Terri and Tammy saw the new design we did for Amanda, they called right away.

Blog Post Image | Home Page Example of Birth Blessing Doula's Website Design

My doula heart leapt with JOY!

I love designing for doulas. I get them. I understand the business.  I truly and honestly believe every birthing family should have access to a loving doula. I feel in a small way that designing birth work sites is helping increase that access. And in case you’re wondering why I say, “my doula heart” – it’s because for 6 beautiful years I was privileged to serve women and their loved ones during their prenatal years.

Doulaing led me to web design. In order to be a successful doula, you have to have a relatable and current website. I had zero pennies to rub together when I started out – so design DIY is where I started.

The Soft – Bold – Everything – Good Enough Design

Terri and Tammy are the absolute sweetest and it turns out, are a lot like me when it comes to decision making.

I love ALL THE THINGS! I want to know ALL THE CHOICES!

After several hilarious conversations that went like this:  we want soft  ….no bold …wait can I see it with all the colors …or maybe go back to the first choice …oh I just don’t know  … I like them all  …will there be something better out there?   We came to the realization that our mantra for this design was going to be

Blog Post Image | Colorado Caring Doulas Website Design Mood Board

It is Good Enough … for now. We can always update it!

This is design reality

The truth is, it is a rare person who has clear, well-defined brand ready to go. In all the years of helping others with their designs, I’ve only ever met that ONE special person who had it precisely dialed in.

It is empowering to know that you are not alone when it comes to design uncertainty. Know that when you like something and allow it to be “GOOD ENOUGH”  you are being a BOLD DECISION MAKER.  The point is to move forward. It’s ok to change it in the future. You’ll get better and so will your brand.

The best part of their new site

Sometimes simple is the best option. Terri and Tammy are busy doulas. They don’t want or need a lot of site maintenance. They need a solid place for their prospective clients to check them out, get in touch, and feel comfortable. There is very little fluff. It is clean. Easy to navigate. And most importantly – reflects the site owners. I’m so glad they choose Good Enough. They are so bold!