How to Get the Most Out of Your Designer

Tell Them What You Want

You’ve done it, you’ve hired a designer. She’s gonna give you exactly what you want.  It won’t be long now and you’ll have that dreamy website that completes your sentences, fulfills all your wishes, and makes you a ton of money!



Maybe. Designers are a lot of wonderful things, but they aren’t exactly mindreaders. You actually have to tell them, show them, and help them to know you and your vision before the magic can happen.

How you share that information can make or break your design. I’ll outline some pointers to ensure you get exactly what you want out of your designs. Getting off on the right foot of design should net you the best results while saving you money and your designer time. I promise – this makes everyone happier.

Top 3 Ways to Get what You REALLY Want!

1. Create a Pinterest Board

What to Pin:

  • items that inspire you
  • color palettes you love
  • logo marks or styles you are drawn to
  • favorite fonts
  • gorgeous textures and patterns
  • Anything Goes!

Also be sure to give your Design Board a description that captures the mood of your design. If you’re feeling really helpful, name what you like on each pin!

2. Send Examples

Send at least three examples of design you both love and hate. This will help your designer know your taste and style preference best.  I, personally, learn so much about my clients during this exercise. I have found that the Pinterest board can sometimes become a Pin-For-All. Where anything and everything they love lands. This can be a little disorienting. However, once the pin board is compared to the love-hate examples I am able to discern what items might be the beginning of a design inspiration board and which items can be quietly dismissed.

3. Get Personal

Don’t be shy. Spend a little time talking about you and your business/blog. If time permits and you have a designer that loves to chat like I do, give them a call or take them out for a coffee. Share your heart, your hopes and dreams, and your big aspirations. There is nothing I love more than discovering the passion that makes you tick. It helps me to get as excited as you are about the future of your business. It also allows me to add more personal touches to your total design.