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Brand Strategy 6-month Cohort


Unlock the power of a strong brand strategy with our Group Brand Strategy Program. Ideal for business owners seeking a cost-effective solution, this program offers collaborative learning, expert guidance, and comprehensive resources for just $3,750.

A Cost-Effective Path to Powerful Branding

For businesses looking to develop a robust brand strategy without the commitment of the full $21,000 investment, Blue + Pine Creative offers a collaborative and affordable alternative. Our Group Brand Strategy Program, priced at $3,750, provides a comprehensive and supportive environment for business owners to build their brand strategies together.


Join our Group Brand Strategy Program and start building a brand that resonates with your audience and stands out in the market. Whether you’re launching a new brand or enhancing an existing one, our program provides the tools and support you need.

+ Collaborative Learning

Engage in monthly group sessions with 3-5 business owners, focusing on crucial strategy blocks.

+ Personalized Support

Benefit from monthly one-on-one follow-up meetings to ensure your strategy aligns with your business goals.

+ Flexible Cohort Schedules

Choose a cohort that fits your schedule, with rolling start dates throughout the year.

+ Comprehensive Resources

Gain access to educational workbooks, strategy templates, and a seat at our Livestream StoryBrand event with coaching support.


1. Register for a Cohort

Fill out the form below to register for a cohort.

2. Develop a Custom Strategy

Collaborate with your cohort and our team to create a professional brand strategy.

3. Implement and Succeed

Put the strategy into action and watch your brand thrive.

Brand Strategy Cohort

  • Monthly Group Meetings: Join a cohort of 3-5 business owners for monthly sessions focused on key strategy blocks:
    • Brand Substance
    • Positioning Strategy
    • Brand Persona
    • Messaging.
  • One-on-One Follow-Up: Receive personalized guidance with monthly one-on-one follow-up meetings to refine your strategy.
  • Cohort Schedules: Flexible start dates with cohorts running
    • January – June
    • March – August
    • July – December
    • October – March.
  • Educational Materials: Access workbooks for each phase of the strategy and templates for your Brand Strategy Guide in Adobe Express.
  • StoryBrand Event: Participate in a Livestream StoryBrand event with expert coaching to craft your brand message. (a $995 value, included)



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What does Brand Strategy look like with Blue + Pine Creative?

The Brand Strategy Cohort is a collaborative program where business owners work together to develop a comprehensive brand strategy. For $3,750, participants engage in monthly group sessions and one-on-one meetings, covering essential strategy blocks over six months.

The program is designed for both new and existing businesses seeking to enhance their brand strategy. Business owners looking to build or refine their brand substance, positioning, persona, and messaging are welcome.

Participants receive:

  • Monthly group education and training sessions.
  • Monthly one-on-one follow-ups with our strategist.
  • Workbooks for each strategy phase.
  • A Master Brand Guide template (Adobe Express).
  • A seat at the Livestream StoryBrand event with live coaching.

The group format fosters a collaborative learning environment where business owners can share insights and experiences. This collective approach helps generate diverse ideas and solutions, enhancing each participant’s brand strategy.

The cohorts have rolling start dates as follows:

  • January – June
  • March – August
  • July – October
  • October – March

The Brand Strategy Cohort is suitable for businesses at various stages of their branding journey. Even if you already have some elements in place, our program helps refine and complete your strategy to ensure consistency and effectiveness.

Participants should be prepared to commit to monthly group sessions and one-on-one follow-ups over six months. The time required for additional work outside these meetings will vary based on individual business needs.

We understand that life can get busy. If you miss a session, we provide resources and recordings to help you catch up. Additionally, your one-on-one follow-up meetings can address any missed content.

By participating in the Brand Strategy Cohort, you’ll develop a well-rounded brand strategy that aligns with your audience’s desires, strengthens your market position, and increases your overall success. Effective branding can lead to higher customer loyalty, better market differentiation, and increased revenue.

Clients typically choose to continue to work with Blue and Pine after they complete the Brand Strategy Cohort, though this is not required. Most of our clients invest aproximately $5,250 – $12,000 to develop their visual identity and brand presence. Of course these cost vary depending on individual needs. Visual Identiy starts at $2,500, Websites start at $3,000 and collateral can start as low as $250. Please reach out to Jess to discuss your personal needs for an acurate quote and optional payment plan.

Trust the Experts at Blue+Pine Creative

With years of experience and a track record of successful brand transformations, Blue + Pine Creative is the authority you can trust for strategic brand development. Our expertise, combined with a deep understanding of branding principles, ensures that we deliver results that matter.

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