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Adding Media to Your Site

Adding Media to Your Site

This tutorial will be helpful to you if you are trying to add any of the following file types to your website:

JPEG  |  PNG  |  PDF  |  MP4  |  SVG

These files are called “media” and are used in a variety of places on your website. You will need to upload your media file(s) in order to make changes or add something to your site.

Please Log-In to your site admin dashboard. For help with logging-in please visit THIS tutorial.

Once you are logged in, click on “Media” in menu located to the left of your screen. You can see it circled below.

Once in the media file you’ll either see the GRID view like this:

Or a LIST view like this:

Either option will work. Just chose the one you prefer to work with by clicking on the list or grid icon underneath the “Media Library” title. The example below shows the list view as selected, as it is highlighted in blue.

Adding New Media

In order to add new media, click on the “Add New” button in the main area of the dashboard. You can also click on “Add New” nested under Media in the Dashboard Menu. Both examples are circled below. You need only click on one of these two options.

This will take you to this screen:

You have 2 choices to upload your needed file(s).

  1. Drag your files into the dashed box.
  2. Click Select Files.

Once they are finished loading you’ll see this screen:

How to use the Media

Now that your media has been uploaded to your site, you can use it for it’s intended purpose. Some examples may include:

Featured Images   |   Blog Posts    |     Pages   |   Home Page

Featured Images:

Click the link: Set Featured Image

Choose the image from the media file you’d like to add and then click “Set Featured Image”.  Below you’ll see the selected image as the one with a blue outline and a checkmark in the upper right corner. The “Set Featured Image” button is the in the lower right  corner of the screen.


Blog Posts  |    Pages

When you are ready to add an image to a blog post or page click the “Add Media” button above the editor window in your administrator editor window.

Choose the image you’d like and then click “Insert Into Post/ Page”.


My image is too big or too small?

Click on your image. Click on the pencil to edit the image size:

This window will open:

You’ll see that under Display Settings, to the left in the middle, you’ll see the size toggle. Click on it to open the options:

Choose the image size you’d like to use.

I’ve tried adjusting the size but it still looks wrong. Help?

You may need to resize your image. Check your settings to see what size the image needs to be. Need help resizing your image? Check out this tutorial on Resizing Made Easy with Canva.

My image is blurry or pixilated.

The image you are trying to use is not a high enough resolution. In other words it is too small. You’ll need to use this image in a smaller format or choose a new one.





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