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We believe that excellent branding starts with an engaging story, continues through clear marketing, and is sustained with effective graphics year-over-year.




Get it all in one place

You shouldn’t have to hire several professionals for these services, which is why we offer branding, website development, marketing, and graphic design to non-profits, organizations, and small businesses. With everything done for you in one place, you can be confident your brand is cohesive, clear, and consistent!


+ growing.

Cohesive. Clear. Communicative. That’s what it takes to operate in today’s market. We should know–we live there, too. B+P will help you design for the future. With special consideration for the needs of your customers, donors, and your long-term growth goals we will craft digital and print assets you need. We KNOW you are going places, and we want to help you get there!

+ women in business.

We speak the feminine language of empowerment, hopefulness, and transformation. We know how important it is to take the reins and we’re excited to honor that journey. As a woman-owned business, we know what it means to you to meet your business goals and stay focused. We’ve worked with coaches, public speakers, authors, innovators–and we want to help you show the world what you do.

+ leveling up.

If you’re one of the many brick-and-mortar mom-and-pop store owners with out-of-date graphics for websites, you’re not alone. We’re here to help you boost your sales presence without taking away your brand voice. Instead of commodifying the nature of your small business, we want to help you maximize your message to those who need to hear it most. You don’t have to be a digital wizard either: we offer as much support as you need.

+ affecting positive change.

We are passionate about supporting non-profits and religious organizations like yours. We believe that your work is so important we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is. We offer an affordable non-profit design rate to all our non-profits. We are a wiz at creating websites that attract those you desire to serve and donors alike. We love getting creative with annual reports, new websites, capital campaigns, and advertisements!

+ using their voice.

From creative business cards to fun fold-out brochure posters, and sweet end-of-year booklets our B+P clients have collaborated with us to create some fun and innovative communication tools. Let your voice be heard–let’s get creative together.

meet our team



Jess is passionate about helping clients communicate effectively through well-designed branding, websites that work, clear marketing, and purposeful graphics. Jess holds a Bachelor of Arts from Concordia University. She loves the independence and creativity of her creative agency.

Jess appreciates the artist-friendly nature of the Wood River Valley. Originally from the area and a WRHS graduate, Jess moved back to Ketchum in 2013 with her husband Joel (a professional musician) and their kids. She enjoys taking care of small businesses ready to grow, non-profits, and religious organizations. She has a unique background in each of these areas allowing her to dial in your messaging and graphics.



Kathleen is passionate about helping clients feel heard and well-taken care of. She has the unique job of “mom-ing” everyone in the office. In fact, she is Jess’ mom. Kathleen served the city of Ketchum for close to 30 years by taking care of small business owners. She has an in-depth understanding of business ownership and as such delivers warm empathy and caring to everyone we work with.

She lives in the Wood River Valley with her husband Eric and enjoys her semi-retirement filling her days with grand babies and finding the next amazing GF, DF, SF recipe. (IFYKYK).

our brilliant partners

Panadta Inthala

Software + Website Developer

She is deeply committed to writing good code. Her main core values are transparency, trustworthiness, and integrity. Panatda is truly passionate about creating a meaningful connection with her clients and helping businesses grow. Do you need a developer you can trust? We are here to help!

Clay Andrews

Web Consultant + Developer

Clay is a champion for small businesses. With attention to listening and clear communication, Clay Strives to empower small businesses to grow by adaption and applying technical web best practices that fit the business and make more with less. Want to be confident your web presence is setting you up for success?
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our brilliant partners



We are heading into our 9th year of business in 2024. Our experience has helped us to better serve our clients year after year!


When our clients hire us, they tend to stick around. Each month we welcome 2-4 new clients, ensuring we give each of you the attention you deserve, now and into the future.


Serving our clients as a Certified StoryBrand Guide has been an incredible privilege. Our clients are seeing huge growth utilizing the storybrand framework. We’d love to guide your organization through brand strategy.


Strategic design works. Our clients are seeing their revenue and community impact increase. We’ve tripled book sales, increased donor bases, brought in more leads for each of our clients, and sold more products as a result of deploying our strategic designs.


Or are you making sure your existing brand has all the right components?

Either way check out The Ultimate Brand Kit Checklist to make sure your brand has the 5 most essential components for long-term success. These industry secrets will ensure market readiness. But watch out…

Don’t get #3 wrong or you are heading for trouble!