A New Ever After

Website Design


Please allow me to introduce you to one of my newer site launches, A New EverAfter. Oh, how this site has my heart. It is beautiful, full of options, interactive, beautiful and savvy. There was an incredible amount of designing, organizing, prepping, planning, writing, and editing involved. To fully understand how big and vast the site is you’ll need to understand all that the site owner does.

Bethany, the woman behind the business is an incredible soul who leads others in life coaching and spiritual direction both online and in two locations near her home. She does astrological and tarot card readings and also sells home made tinctures, salves, and body care products. Soon she’ll be offering online courses. She also administers a virtual community on Facebook. If you can believe it, that is not all she does! She is also available for speaking engagements, classes, and workshops. And last but not least she serves those passing away as a death midwife.  She is incredibly smart and gifted, obviously.

Her design needs were vast and challenging. She needed her brand well represented, in that it needed to be mystical and smart, beautiful and easy to use, as well as cozy but not cluttered.  And with everything she offers we needed a way to simplify her business workflow for both her and those who hired her.

Together we established her brand – which is dreamy! The mood board I created to lead our project, is one of my most liked Instagram posts to date. We knew we had a winner!

We then made a giant dream list of all the interactive details and functions the site could do. With that list in mind, we choose some plug-ins to really beef up her site.

  • Events Calendar and Registration
  • Booking with Google Calendar Integration
  • E-Commerce
  • Galleries
  • Newsletter Integration
  • Professional and Stock Photography
  • Sales Pages/Funnels

The result is the insanely gorgeous and easily navigated site. Bethany reports that the most common word used to describe the site is “BEAUTIFUL”.  In fact, the site theme developer loved what we did with it so much, she is showcasing it on her own website and Instagram as inspiration for other website designers.  I talked with Bethany this week to check in. She gladly reported that her site has made her life so much easier. Her clients love booking their sessions with her online and can easily purchase the products she needs. She also adores the event registration and has found it so useful. We couldn’t be happier.