A Lot of Love for Managed WordPress Hosting with Flywheel

Why Blue+Pine Trusts Flywheel For All Our Website Builds

All websites have a host. It is where their site files call home and if “home is where the heart is”, then we better have a host that makes us welcome, secure, and happy! This is exactly how I feel about Flywheel, my managed Word Press Hosting.

About 5 years ago, I was courting various site hosts. I had recently started my business in website design and needed a safe and trusted place to host my client’s sites. I read several blogs. Visited all the hosting solutions I could find. I even created a huge spreadsheet that compared costs, perks and ease of use. I found Flywheel – and as corny as it sounds – it was love a first use. Let me tell you why.

Nebraska = Excellent Support

Flywheel is headquartered in Omaha, NE. When I first found Flywheel, they were fairly new to the WP Hosting scene. There wasn’t a lot of reviews out there about them. Most of my fellow designers were big, big fans of Blue Host or WP Engine. Large corporations that offered great deals for large agencies and stable hosting for all their sites. Then there was this scrappy, cute start up in NE, offering the world.

My husband is from NE. I went to college in NE .
So I had a wee bit of a soft spot for them already!

With my previous hosting solutions, I found tech support to be frustrating. Often it was managed overseas which were complicated by time differences, language differences, and made relationships difficult. Not to mention the long wait times and multiple up-sales.

The first time I called tech support at Flywheel it was an other worldly experience. First off, the phone number started with (402), the NE area code! Secondly a real-life person in Omaha answered the phone. WITH zero wait time. They called them selves Happiness Engineers…and friends, that is exactly who they are. We talked about the Huskers, our favorite color (red obviously), and actually solved my tech problems with little to no issue. They usually ended up teaching me something new without trying to sell me something else they offered.

Screen shot from Flywheel’s home page. I’m honored to be one of their users featured testimonials. I submitted this review back in 2016, when I was still 5Pine Design.

Since the early days, times have changed. They’ve added Happiness Engineers all over the globe that you can chat with quickly, you can still call HQ and talk to someone, but they often call you back after you leave a message, and they upgraded a cool help desk feature into their site. I still feel really well cared for and have yet to experience anything like I had previously. That mid-westerner hospitality is still a big part of who they are.

Included with Flywheel

They never needed to up-sell. The reason is simple. EVERYTHING and I mean everything was included in their base “tiny” plans up through their giant enterprise offerings. It still is today. Here is what is offered:

  • Lighting Fast Site Speeds
  • Maximum Security
  • SSL Certificates
  • Privacy
  • Daily Backups
  • Super-hero support

Since then they’ve added a few more services for as add ons. Just to make your life a tiny bit sweeter – but these items are necessary. They are luxury items! Such as:

  • CDN
  • Maintenance Reports
  • Performance Insights
  • and more

Gold-Tier Flywheel Agency Partner

It didn’t take long in those early days to go from hosting a couple of sites to hosting more than 10! This is where Flywheel really starts to shine. For business’ like mine, they offer specialized support for us in the form of Agency Plans.

Here is Jess representing her Flywheel swag! This shirt came in the mail this year to celebrate my gold tier status with Flywheel.

With an Agency Plan, I get dedicated server space for my website design clients. I have my very own agency partner at Flywheel. His name is Matt Hansen…he’s the best! Because they take such good care of me, I in turn, get to pass that goodness on to my clients. Together we offer my clients: Malware Protection, Blazing Fast Speeds, Competitive Prices, Free SSL Certificates, CDN options, and a direct line to support when we need it. As your designer I can always check in on your site. I manage your database, daily backups, and WP core updates as well as PHP updates.

Imagine that B+P created a big ol’ nest full of fluff and feathers that keeps your site nice, safe, secure, and loved. The nest is perched in the Flywheel tree that comes with specialized helpers. What’s not to love about that!

Jess was recently featured on the High Five Blog, by Flywheel. Sharing why Flywheel is loved by designers everywhere. Read the full article here: Why These 5 Designers Choose Managed Word Press Hosting

I’ve been doing this for a few years now, and host somewhere around 50 sites. This places me solidly at Gold Tier Status. All that means is that Flywheel knows who I am, takes extra good care of me and my clients and occasionally refers clients my way, asks for my opinion and lets me join in on the FB group with others like me out there! And I get cool swag sometimes. 🙂

Flywheel is Made for Designers

Flywheel will be the first to tell you that they are made by designers for designers. And they aren’t kidding. So many other hosting solutions are designed to appeal to the tech minded, developers out there. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that. I felt comfortable in those places, but Flywheel turned it up a notch. They found designers to recreate the experience of site hosting interfaces and created such a happy, user friendly place to do site hosting work. It is sooooo good, I never want to leave. I know that my non-techy friends that have used Flywheel, love it too. It is straight-forward, user oriented, and well… happy.

It’s for You, too!

Did you know I offer hosting space to non-website clients too? While all of my design clients are benefiting from Flywheel goodness, I make enough room in our nest for self-designed sites.

Let me know if you want to be a part of our dedicated server space.

Host On Your Own

Maybe, you want to check out Flywheel all on your own. That is also an option. Click below to check it out for yourself.

*full disclosure, I am an affiliate with Flywheel